Neurodiversity Affirming Resources


Neurodiversity Affirming Resources

When looking for resources on Autism, we need to listen to Autistic people first, as they have lived experience and can guide us on strategies that work.

The following resources have been developed by Neurodivergent authors and content creators.  We are in the process of adding resources to this page. If you know of further resources we can add, please let us know through our Contact page.   

Social Media Accounts to Follow

Different not less by Chloe Hayden (@chloeshayden)

Autism Sketches (@autism_sketches)

Neurodivergent Rebel (@neurodivergentrebel)

More Than One Neurotype (@morethanoneneurotype)

No Nonsense Neurodivergent (@no.nonsense.neurodivergent)


The Neurodivergent Woman by Monique Mitchelson and Michelle Livock

Books for Autistic Women

Spectrum Women: Walking to the Beat of Autism - Edited by Barb Cook and Dr Michelle Garnett

Spectrum Women: Autism and Parenting - Renata Jurkevythz, Maura Campbell and Lisa Morgan

Books for Autistic Non-Binary and Trans People

The Autistic Trans Guide to Life - Yenn Purkis and Wenn Lawson

Books for Adults

I think I might be Autistic: A guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis and self-discovery for adults - Cynthia Kim

Courses for Health Professionals

The Neurodiversity Affirming Framework: An introduction for Allied Health Professionals - Yael Clark

Resources for Health Professionals

Autism Level Up! for Energy Regulation Resources

Autism Understanding Psychologists 600